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Are you debating whether or not you should get a new headshot? Is your current headshot just not doing the job for you? If so, then it’s possible that your current headshot may seem unprofessional or isn’t very flattering. Here 3 things that can make your headshot photo look unprofessional and what you should do about it: Headshot Photography Saint Paul MN | Headshot Photographers Saint Paul MN | Professional Headshots St Paul MN

Strange Poses or Posturing: Headshot Photography Saint Paul MN

One thing that can ruin an otherwise good headshot and make it seem unprofessional is strange poses or unnatural posturing. Sometimes we have a tendency to strike certain poses without even realizing it, or to posture ourselves in unnatural ways, which can be unflattering at its best and unprofessional at its worst. Your headshot photo is supposed to showcase your personality, brand, and professionalism, but it could have the opposite effect, or give off a negative impression to potential customers/clients or employers, if you look stiff, unnatural, or strange in your headshot pictures. If you have an unusual pose or posture in your current headshot picture, then you should have your local headshot photographers, The Headshot Guys LLC, take new professional headshot photos for you. Business Headshots Saint Paul MN | Corporate Headshots Saint Paul MN | Business Portraits Saint Paul MN

Distracting or Poor Backgrounds: Headshot Photography Saint Paul MN

Another thing that can detract from your headshot picture and make it seem unprofessional is when you have a distracting, inconsistent, or poor choice of background in your picture. The background of your headshot photos should be simple, subtle, consistent, and not detract from your picture or be distracting. However, if the background of your photo isn’t blurred enough, is a distracting color or has a distracting pattern, or it makes your picture look like it clearly wasn’t taken in an actual studio, then it can ruin your headshot photo. If the background of your headshot photo doesn’t look very professional, then you should consider getting a new headshot taken. Headshots Saint Paul MN | St Paul Photographers

Poor Lighting or Photo Quality: Headshot Photography Saint Paul MN

Lastly, poor lighting and poor photo quality have ruined many a headshot photo and make your headshot seem unflattering, low-quality, and unprofessional. Headshots are meant to put you and your personal brand in the best light possible (literally). However, if the actual lighting in your photos isn’t very flattering or is too dark, then it can bring down the overall quality of your headshot. What’s more, pictures that are visibly low-resolution or are poor quality (i.e., taken with outdated camera equipment or on a cell phone, pictures that are blurry/weren’t taken with a steady hand, etc.) also look unprofessional and give the impression that you don’t care enough about your professional image to invest in high-quality, high-resolution pictures. If you’re in need of new business headshots or professional headshots, then don’t hesitate to contact The Headshot Guys LLC today.

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